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Evaluation the Impact of Using Treated Wastewater for Irrigation on Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Productivity in Gaza Strip

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Gaussian Copula Simulation Model For Pavement Fatigue Cracking Prediction Based On Cumulative Damage Using Miner's Law

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The Palestinian Marine and Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna Preserved at the Biology Exhibition, Islamic University of Gaza, Bombarded by the Israeli Army in December, 2008

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Attitudes of Obese Women Toward Group Therapy as A method of Increasing Compliance with Therapeutic Program in Gaza Strip, Palestine

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The Activity of HYPR surfactant as Superplasticizer on the properties of concrete mixes

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IdAuthorTitle papperVoulmVoulm DateOpen
1Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman¹, Alaa Musalum¹ and Ibrahim M.Alhassayna The Behevior of Lauryl glucoside as cement paste admixtureVolumes 12017/10/01 Open
2Atef A. Masad Assessment of dyslipidemia among hypertensive pregnant women in Gaza StripVolumes 12017/10/01 Open
4Maher Elbayoumi Indoor Air Pollutants Concentrations Influenced By Dust Storm Event In Selected Schools In Gaza StripVolumes 12017/10/01 Open
5ShawqiA. M. Mansour Ashraf M. El Sherbini , Sami H. Allam and Tharwat M.El Sherbini Spectral Studies of Nanosecond Laser Interaction with Aluminum-Based Alloy Containing Traces of Magnesium in Air Volumes 12017/10/01 Open
6Omar S.H. Muhaisen Gaussian Copula Simulation Model For Pavement Fatigue Cracking Prediction Based On Cumulative Damage Using Miner's Law Volumes 12017/10/01 Open
7Amaar Elqidrea and Ulrich Maschke Morphology control and mechanical properties of monoacrylates polymers prepared by UV and Electron Beam photopolymerization Volumes 12017/10/01 Open
8Jaber M. A. Alkasseh Contribution of Major Factors Affecting Non-Revenue Water to Water Supply Network in Gaza Strip, Palestine Volumes 22018/10/01 Open
9R. H. Idais A. R. Nassar and A.R. Mughari Evaluation the Impact of Using Treated Wastewater for Irrigation on Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Productivity in Gaza StripVolumes 22018/10/01 Open
10Maher Elbayoumi and Suheir Elbayoumi Harb Prediction of Hourly Indoor Carbon Monoxide Concentrations by Using Multivariate Methods with Sensitivity Analysis TechniqueVolumes 22018/10/01 Open
11Maher Elbayoumi, Nor Azam Ramli, Noor Faizah Md Yusof, Norrimi Rosaida Awang, Nazatul Syadia Zainordin, Maisarah Sulaiman, Syabiha Shith and Teh Nur Amalina Zaki Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality at Engineering Campus Library at the University Sains MalaysiaVolumes 22018/10/01 Open
12Shawqi A. M. Mansour Estimation of Temperature in Aluminum Plasma Using Laser Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyVolumes 22018/10/01 Open
13Mazen Abualtayef *2, Hassan Ziara 2, and Ahmed Khaled Seif 3 Land Reclamation using Construction Waste for Offshore Gaza Fishery PortVolumes 22018/10/01 Open
14Khaled Ismail Improving the Performance of Children with Autism through an Adaptive Learning SystemVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
15Mahmoud A. Al-Shaikh Ali Attitudes of Obese Women Toward Group Therapy as A method of Increasing Compliance with Therapeutic Program in Gaza Strip, PalestineVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
16Dekhili Nouerlhouda Study the formation of the deposit resulting from the sulfate-reducing bacteria on the steel surface of oil pipe N80Volumes 32019/10/01 Open
17Mohammed I. A. ALFarra and Hatem A. Elaydi Improving Solar Power System's Efficiency Using Artificial Neural NetworkVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
18Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman The Activity of HYPR surfactant as Superplasticizer on the properties of concrete mixesVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
19Abed El Kader Y. Elottol, Akram M. Altaher, Basma F. Alnajjar, Felastin H. AbSitta,Asala S. Abu Adwan and Aya A. Dheer Rotavirus Gastroenteritis among Children Under five years of agein Gaza, Palestine.Volumes 32019/10/01 Open
20M. Alnahhal, M. Elnaggar, and M. Ghazal Improvement of Steam Power Plants Performance Using a Heat ExchangerVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
21Marwa A.Hassan, Asma H. Muhammad, Wahab B. Mahdi, Nizar K. Mahan, Amani A. Kamil, Iman M. Alwan and Afrah K. Shanshal Synthesis of pure Zinc Oxid (Semiconductor) and ZnO:Ga Nanostructure for Different Sensing ApplicationsVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
22Wahb B. Mahdi, Ihsan S. Hassan, Amani A. Kamil, Iman M. Alwan, Marwa A. Hassan, Asma H. Alwan, Nizar K. Mahan Metal Oxide (Quantum Dots) for Gas Sensor ApplicationVolumes 32019/10/01 Open
23Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou The Palestinian Marine and Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna Preserved at the Biology Exhibition, Islamic University of Gaza, Bombarded by the Israeli Army in December, 2008Volumes 42020/10/01 Open
24Maher Elbayoumi Professional Laboratory Safety Practice of Basic Science Teachers in Gaza StripVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
25Maher Elbayoumi, Nor Azam Ramli, Noor Faizah Fitri Md Yousif, Mohd Rodzi Ismail Indoor Air Pollutants Influenced by Haze and Their Health Impacts on Malaysian studentsVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
26Enas Mizher Saeed Influence of genetic on periodontal diseaseVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
27Enas Mizher Saeed Influence of genetics on dental cariesVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
28Samira S. Abo Al-Shiekh ,Mohamed A. Ibrahim ,Bothyna B. Etewa and Yasser S Alajerami The Effect of a Training Program on Female Breast Self- Examination Knowledge and Practice among Al- Azhar University Students, Gaza Strip, PalestineVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
29TELLI Abdelmoutia and BENAICHA Feryel Automatic System of Monitoring Water QualityVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
30Asma Hadi Muhammad , Marwa Abdul Mohsen Hassan , Asma Abd al-Sattar Abdul-Razzaq , Wahab Basem Mahdi , Nizar Khalaf Mahan Design of Mechanical Multi-Sensor for Contaminated Water Filter ApplicationsVolumes 42020/10/01 Open
149Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou; Mohammed A. Abd Rabou; Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman; Abdallah SAwadOn the Occurrence and Damage of the Invasive Nutria (Myocastor coypus Molina, 1782) in Palestinevolume 52021/10/29 Open
150Mohammed Nofal , Musa Adam, Yousef AljeeshEffectiveness of interventional training program in medical internship program in Gaza Governoratesvolume 52021/10/29 Open
151Muhammad A. Al-Mabhouh, Alaa MA Musalam, Abdul Shukri, Hussam Al-Najjar, Raed E. S.AbunamousRequirements for Managing the Recycling of War Debris in the Gaza Stripvolume 52021/10/29 Open
152Fahed S. Hamdan, Nizam M. El-Ashgar and Alaa M A MusalamRespiratory Health Risks of Limestone Factories’ Dust: Gaza City as a Case Studyvolume 52021/10/29 Open
153Sanaa E. AhamedBird Fauna of Jabel El Dayer National Park, Kordofan - Sudanvolume 52021/10/29 Open
154Okwute Michael Ochayi and Bond AnyaehieA Review on Stress Paradigm Use in Physiological Researchvolume 52021/10/29 Open
155Montaser Jouda, Mohamed Ibrahim, Yousef AljeeshRisk Factors of Type-2 Diabetes among Refugees in Gaza StripPalestine – A Case Control Studyvolume 52021/10/29 Open
156Abdelhakim Ech-chaouy , Abdelhakim Yahyane , Khal-layoun Soad , Laila EL Ammari , Zakaria ABIDLIStudy of the Association Between Quarantine and Risk Factors for Eating Disorders (ED) in Moroccan Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemicvolume 52021/10/29 Open
157Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou; Mohammed A. Abd Rabou; Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman; Mazen T. Abualtayef; Asmaa A. Abd Rabou; Norman A. Khalaf; Sara H. Al-Sweirki; Israa M. Jaber; Kamal J. ElnabrisSightings and Strandings of the Cetacean Fauna in the Mediterranean Coast of the Gaza Strip, Palestinevolume 52021/10/29 Open
158Basam Mohammad Shaheen , Bothyna Bassyonie ELssyed Etewa , Abdel Hamid Hassan El BilbeisiQuality Assessment of the Current Cancer Control Plan at the Governmental Hospitals in Gaza Strip, Palestinevolume 52021/10/29 Open
159Adam A. Farah , Siddige A. Tota , Ali A. Eltayeib , Gobara A. HPhytochemical Screening and Hematological Effects of Bioactive Components of Aqueous and Methanolic Extracts of Leaves and Seeds of Datura innoxia on Male Wistar Ratvolume 52021/10/29 Open
160Faten M. AllyanClinical Utility of Galactin-3 and NT-BNP Biomarkers among Type-2 Diabetic withCardiovascular Complications in Gaza Strip, Palestinevolume 52021/10/29 Open
162Bassam Mohammad Shaheen 1, Bothyna Bassyonie ELssyed Etewa 2, Abdel Hamid Hassan El Bilbeisi 1&3Situation Analysis of the Ongoing Services and Activities Related to Cancer Prevention and Control Continuum at the Governmental Hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Palestinevolume 62022/10/01 Open
163Harida Samudro1 , Ganjar Samudro2 , Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo 3*Retrospective Study on Indoor Bioaerosol - Prospective Improvements to Architectural Criteria in Building Designvolume 62022/10/01 Open
164Samira S Abo Al-Sheikh1*, ALthaer Salah Alsousi2COVID-19 vaccines and Epidemic Trends of COVID- 19 in Palestine Running title: COVID- 19 trends in Palestinevolume 62022/10/01 Open
165Mohammed K. Elhabil1*, Ahmed S. Eldalo2, Khaled I. Almghari2, Mohamed I. Abunada3, Kannan O. Ahmed1, Mirghani A. Yousif1Prescribing Pattern of Pediatric Cardiologists during Clinical Pharmacist Intervention versus Routine Practice: First Comparative Study in Palestinevolume 62022/10/01 Open
166Nurhafizah Ahmad1, Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie2, *, Wan Nur Shaziayani1 , Aida Wati Zainan Abidin2, Nur Elis Sharmila Zulazmi3, Suheir M. Harb4Evaluating the Performance of Random Forest and Multiple Linear Regression for Higher Observed PM10 Concentrationsvolume 62022/10/01 Open
167Said BOUCHEFRA 1, *, Abdelhakim ECH-CHAOUY 1, Mehdi RAHMAOUI 1, Fatine EL ARABI 1, Laila EL AMMARI 2, Abdelhakim YAHYANE 2, Abdellatif BOUR 1Prevalence of Double Burden of Malnutrition and Associated Factors of Weight Gain among Schoolchildren in Taza, Eastern Moroccovolume 62022/10/01 Open
168Areefa Al-Kasseh 1, Sabreen K. Jarad 2, Yasmin Abu Shnaina 1, Ali Albelbeisi 3Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Palestinian Mothers Attending the Governmental Primary Health Care Centers Regarding Preconception Care Servicesvolume 62022/10/01 Open
169Edris Kakemam1, Ahmed Hassan Albelbeisi2, Shadi Akbari Zavieh3, Shahriar Mokhtari4, Amin Rouhi5, Soheila Majidi6*Prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress among Iranian nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak and their related factorsvolume 62022/10/01 Open
170Wiesam Essa*1, Okke Batelaan2Evaluation of a simplified method for estimating spatial patterns of residential water use based on thermal remote sensing, Khan-Younis Governorate, Gaza Stripvolume 62022/10/01 Open
171Abdelraouf A. Elmanama*1, Renad I Abu-Dan*1, Suhaila A. Al-Sheboul*2Biofilm and Antimicrobial Resistance of Clinical and Environmental Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosavolume 62022/10/01 Open
172Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou 1, Hala R. Al-Harazeen 2, Fathia A. Khogali 3, Fathi M. Rabaa4, DawiM. Hamad4, Abdel Karim S. Ali5, Norman A. Khalaf 6, Mohammed A. Abd Rabou 7, Othman A. Abd Rabou 8, Asmaa A. Abd Rabo ,Eman, S. Alkord1, Sara H. Al-Sweirki1, Eqbal S. Radwan1, Daoud I. Al-Hali 10, Hashem A. Madkour 11, Fatma A.Madkour 12, Walid F. Mohamed, Wael I. Almeshal 14Notes on the Non-flying Mammalian Fauna Characterizing both Sides of the Green Line; the De Facto Border between the Gaza Strip and Historic Palestinevolume 62022/10/01 Open
173Aws Maseer Nejres1 , Moath A. Najem2Use of Mesalazine for the Determination of Dopamine and Its Pharmaceutical Preparations by Spectrophotometric Methodvolume 62022/10/01 Open
1001Mohammed Elhabil, Atef Elhout, Sahar Elhout, Doaa Shurrab, Eman ALhawajri, Shaimaa Alakkad1, Rema Elderbi, Khaled Almghari, Ahmed EldaloEvaluating the Role of Tocilizumab on Mortality Rate Among Severe and Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients in the Gaza Stripvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1002Ghaith R. Mohammed and Ghada Y. AbdulrahmanComparative ELISA Detection of SARS-COV-2 Monoclonal Antibodies in Patients` Serum, Saliva, and Nasal Fluid in Iraqvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1003Mahassen.H. Elblbeisi and Mohammed.M.ShabatComparison between different solar cells based on perovskite typesvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1004Ali M.Hussein, Nabeel S. OthmanDevelopment of a New Analytical Method for Estimation of Trifluoperazine-HCl in Pharmaceutical Formulationvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1005Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo, Isni ArliyaniPerformance of Selected Plants Based Growth on Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Wetland Applicationvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1006Marinah Muhammad, Muhammad Akmal Mohd Zawawi, and Noor Janatun Naim JemaliIncorporating the Plant Disease Triangle Framework for Analyzing the Effect of FWB Incidence on Soil Attributesvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1007Mai Ramadan, Saba TurkAssessment of the Acid Neutralizing Capacity and Other Properties of Antacid Formulations Marketed in the Gaza Stripvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1008Yasmin Abushnena , Ali H. Albelbeisi, Yousef FahajanRisk Factors for Maternal Near Miss in Gaza Strip: A Case-Control Studyvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1009Suliman Aladini, Mohamed Kuhail, Ahmad El-Ramlawi, Malik Salhab, Ahmed Shaqura, Rabiha AwadKnowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Occupational Health and Safety among Health Care Workers at Al-Shifa Medical-Complex in Gaza-Strip, Palestinevolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1010Sharif S. S. MuslehA Comparative Analytical Structural Study between Box-Jenkins Methodology and Artificial Neural Network Technology Applied to Cancer Patients in Gaza Governorates for the Period (2009-2018)volume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1011Ahmed J. Al Manama and Husam Al-NajarThe Effect of Seawater Desalination for Domestic Purposes on The Reuse of Treated Effluents in Gaza Stripvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1012Abdelraouf Elmanama , Mohammad E. Shubair, Fadel A. Sharif1, Alaa M. Marouf, Islam F. Hassona2, Maha M.El-Hallaq, and Mariam R. Al-ReefiMethicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Nasal Swab: Profiling of Some Virulence Genesvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1013Sanaa R. Al Tawil1, Mohamed Abdelrhman Adris Abdulla2*, Saeb H. Aliwaini3Cytotoxic Effect of Combination Treatment of Vitamin D and Pitavastatin on the MCF7 Breast Cancer Cellsvolume 6.22023/03/25 Open
1014Zakaria Helles , Yunes MogheirQuantification of Surface Runoff Using Different Methods (Case Study: Waqf Infiltration Basin in the Gaza Strip)volume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1015Reem T. Abu Shomar, Mark Zeitoun, Abdelraouf A. ElmanamaKnowledge and Perception of Healthcare Workers about Safe Water Supplies and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria at Primary Health Care Facilities in Gaza, Palestinevolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1016Belal Adnan Aljamal , Mohammed Nimer , Susan Ali Zroog , Yousef AljeeshChallenges and Obstacles during Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Management Faced by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Stripvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1017Ahmad S. Yasien Al-Gurairy & Alaa Hadi Ali Al-ZubaidiClimate Change and Its Impact on The Expansion of The Phenomenon of Sand Dunes and Desertification of Agricultural Lands in Iraq for The Period 1984- 2022 (Governorates of Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Muthanna, and Dhi Qar)volume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1018Mahassen H. Elblbeisi , and Mohammed M. ShabatExamine the Transverse Magnetic Polarization Transmission of Solar Cell Models Based on Different Types of Perovskites and Nanoparticlesvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1019Abhishek Kuma, Manoj Sindhwani, Shippu SachdevaDetection of Mastitis Disease in Cow with Machine Learning Classifiersvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1020Heba Al Basha , Yousef Aljeesh, Shereen Ayoub , Nahed HegazyEffectiveness of Shelf-Life Extension Program as a Contributor to Central Drug Store Stockpiles Maintenance: Ministry of Health Experience in the Gaza Strip During Crisisvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1021Alaa MA Musalam, Abdel Fattah Qaraman, Nizam M. El-Ashgar, R.A. KuchmambetovAnalysis of the Combustion Characteristics and Performance of Lemon and Orange Peel Biomass Composite Fuel Dieselvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1022Akram M. Altaher, Abed Elkader Y. Elottol, Shimaa H. Safi1, Eslam S. Abu Alya, Rasha N. Albream, Eman M. Abu JameaThe Influence of Exposure to Pesticides on Plasma Cholinesterase Levels and Hepatic, and Renal Functions among Farmers in Khan Yunis Governorate, Palestinevolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1023Zeyad J. Yasseen, Nizam M. El-AshgarEquilibrium Isotherm Analyses and Kinetic Studies of Bioadsorption of Methylene Blue Dye onto Dried Olive Leavesvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1024Fahid K. J. Rabah , Yousif H. Ashour , Sawsan El Masry, Haneen Al-SbaihiApplying Public-Private Partnership in the Palestinian Water and Wastewater Large-Scale Projectsvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1025Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo, Dwi Rinnarsuri NoraduolaProductive Façade Placement Determines Building Thermal Comfort and Food Securityvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1026Zainab Nesrullah, Al-Rubaiee, G.H, Neihaya H. ZakiEvaluation of The Extract of Microalgae and Its Fatty Acids on Candida spp. Isolated from Renal Impairment Patientsvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1027Muhammad Iqmal Hazmir, Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie, Wan Nur Shaziayani, Aida Wati Zainan Abidin, Saiful Nizam Warris, Nor Azura Sulong, Shahrul Mohd Nadzir5, Suheir M. HarbPrediction of Air Pollution Index Using Internet of Things and Low-Cost Sensor Measurements: A Case Study in Shah Alam, Malaysiavolume 7.12023/09/25 Open
1028Mohammed W. Hussein and Kadhim A. Al-AsadiSynchronous Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and Southern Oscillation Index (SOI( Poles on Temperature and Rain Over Iraqvolume 7.12023/09/25 Open