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Evaluation the Impact of Using Treated Wastewater for Irrigation on Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Productivity in Gaza Strip

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Gaussian Copula Simulation Model For Pavement Fatigue Cracking Prediction Based On Cumulative Damage Using Miner's Law

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The Palestinian Marine and Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna Preserved at the Biology Exhibition, Islamic University of Gaza, Bombarded by the Israeli Army in December, 2008

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Attitudes of Obese Women Toward Group Therapy as A method of Increasing Compliance with Therapeutic Program in Gaza Strip, Palestine

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The Activity of HYPR surfactant as Superplasticizer on the properties of concrete mixes

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Situation Analysis of the Ongoing Services and Activities Related to Cancer Prevention and Control Continuum at the Governmental Hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Palestine
Bassam Mohammad Shaheen 1, Bothyna Bassyonie ELssyed Etewa 2, Abdel Hamid Hassan El Bilbeisi 1&3

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Retrospective Study on Indoor Bioaerosol - Prospective Improvements to Architectural Criteria in Building Design
Harida Samudro1 , Ganjar Samudro2 , Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo 3*

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COVID-19 vaccines and Epidemic Trends of COVID- 19 in Palestine Running title: COVID- 19 trends in Palestine
Samira S Abo Al-Sheikh1*, ALthaer Salah Alsousi2

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Prescribing Pattern of Pediatric Cardiologists during Clinical Pharmacist Intervention versus Routine Practice: First Comparative Study in Palestine
Mohammed K. Elhabil1*, Ahmed S. Eldalo2, Khaled I. Almghari2, Mohamed I. Abunada3, Kannan O. Ahmed1, Mirghani A. Yousif1

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Evaluating the Performance of Random Forest and Multiple Linear Regression for Higher Observed PM10 Concentrations
Nurhafizah Ahmad1, Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie2, *, Wan Nur Shaziayani1 , Aida Wati Zainan Abidin2, Nur Elis Sharmila Zulazmi3, Suheir M. Harb4

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Prevalence of Double Burden of Malnutrition and Associated Factors of Weight Gain among Schoolchildren in Taza, Eastern Morocco
Said BOUCHEFRA 1, *, Abdelhakim ECH-CHAOUY 1, Mehdi RAHMAOUI 1, Fatine EL ARABI 1, Laila EL AMMARI 2, Abdelhakim YAHYANE 2, Abdellatif BOUR 1

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Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Palestinian Mothers Attending the Governmental Primary Health Care Centers Regarding Preconception Care Services
Areefa Al-Kasseh 1, Sabreen K. Jarad 2, Yasmin Abu Shnaina 1, Ali Albelbeisi 3

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Prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress among Iranian nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak and their related factors
Edris Kakemam1, Ahmed Hassan Albelbeisi2, Shadi Akbari Zavieh3, Shahriar Mokhtari4, Amin Rouhi5, Soheila Majidi6*

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Evaluation of a simplified method for estimating spatial patterns of residential water use based on thermal remote sensing, Khan-Younis Governorate, Gaza Strip
Wiesam Essa*1, Okke Batelaan2

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Biofilm and Antimicrobial Resistance of Clinical and Environmental Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Abdelraouf A. Elmanama*1, Renad I Abu-Dan*1, Suhaila A. Al-Sheboul*2

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Notes on the Non-flying Mammalian Fauna Characterizing both Sides of the Green Line; the De Facto Border between the Gaza Strip and Historic Palestine
Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou 1, Hala R. Al-Harazeen 2, Fathia A. Khogali 3, Fathi M. Rabaa4, DawiM. Hamad4, Abdel Karim S. Ali5, Norman A. Khalaf 6, Mohammed A. Abd Rabou 7, Othman A. Abd Rabou 8, Asmaa A. Abd Rabo ,Eman, S. Alkord1, Sara H. Al-Sweirki1, Eqbal S. Radwan1, Daoud I. Al-Hali 10, Hashem A. Madkour 11, Fatma A.Madkour 12, Walid F. Mohamed, Wael I. Almeshal 14

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Use of Mesalazine for the Determination of Dopamine and Its Pharmaceutical Preparations by Spectrophotometric Method
Aws Maseer Nejres1 , Moath A. Najem2

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